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Prosperity & Abundance Crystal Grid Kit with Green Aventurine Tower and Pyrite Nuggets | Crystal Grid for Wealth and Prosperity

Prosperity & Abundance Crystal Grid Kit with Green Aventurine Tower and Pyrite Nuggets | Crystal Grid for Wealth and Prosperity

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The Flower of Life supports manifestation of Prosperity & Abundance with a Green Aventurine Tower as the focus; surrounded by the gold shine of Pyrite. Green Aventurine Tumbles & Lemurian Laser Points are added to the Pyrite to support & radiate the energy of prosperity. Blue Quartz & Amethyst are incorporated to bring a sense of calm, clarity and inspiration as Raw Citrine conveys an environment of optimism and success.


⭐️ 3-3.5" Green Aventurine Tower

⭐️ 6 Pyrite Nuggets (About 0.75" Size)

⭐️ 6 Natural Citrine Chips (About 0.5" Size. Origin: Brazil)

⭐️ 6 Mini Lemurian Lazer Quartz Points (About 0.75-1.25" Size)

⭐️ 6 Blue Quartz, 4 Green Aventurine, 4 Amethyst Tumbles

⭐️ Large 1.5-2.5" Natural Clear Quartz Point, Activation Wand

⭐️ 2.5" Selenite Wand for Cleansing

⭐️ 1-1.5” Black Tourmaline for Protection

⭐️ Information Cards:

1) Crystal Healing Properties

2) How to Create Your Grid - Including an Example for Setup (*see below)

⭐️ Display Box, Organza Bags & Velvet Pouches for Storage

⭐️ Optional: 12" Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth

Selection: Black, Red, Green (Currently Sold Out), Blue or Purple

✨ Get 15% OFF a Grid Cloth when purchased with a Grid Kit - - Discount shown in cart

Size: 12x12 Inch Cloth with an 8.5 Inch Flower of Life Symbol
Material: Soft & Durable Organic Cotton, Canvas Fabric
Care Instructions: Iron Safe. Washable, Dry Flat.
Hand Cut: Please allow for slight variations.


📸 Photos display an example of the Crystals you will receive. Limited Quantity Available.


🤲🏻 Each Crystal & Grid Kit is intentionally selected, cleansed and charged making it ready for your intentions and use! (Photos display an example of the Crystals you will receive.)


💚 Green Aventurine: Promotes prosperity, abundance and good fortune

💛 Pyrite: Revered for its support of prosperity while offering a boost to focus & leadership

💙 Blue Quartz: Provides confidence & clarity and supports positive communication & relationships

💜 Amethyst: Reduces stress & anxiety and aids intuition & insight

💛 Citrine: Stone of prosperity, generosity & success. Excellent for optimism & willpower

🤍 Lemurian Laser Points: Added to concentrate & accelerate the Energy of Prosperity & Abundance into the surrounding space


*Creating a Crystal Grid Information Card:
★ Cleanse the Old Energy: Set the Crystals on or near your Selenite Wand until they feel Cleansed
★ Charge with New Energy: Set the Crystals in the Sun or Moonlight for at least an hour
★ Set Your Intention: Determine your intention. Hold the Crystals & visualize or repeat your intention
★ Create Your Grid: Use your Clear Quartz Point to trace the shapes as you place your Crystals
This is just one method… Explore other ways of cleansing, charging and setting your intention!
(Back) Grid Example Diagram


💖 Make your own Grid Designs & share them on Instagram to @GVCrystalShop

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**The details provided are for informational purposes only in order to assist with therapeutic balance of mind, body & spirit. Not recommended for medical use or to replace the advice of a medical professional. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Individual experience may vary, results not guaranteed.

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