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Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid Cloth | Green | 12x12" Cotton, Canvas Cloth

Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid Cloth | Green | 12x12" Cotton, Canvas Cloth

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Size: 12x12 Inch Cloth with an 8.5 Inch Metatron’s Cube Symbol

Color: White Cloth with a Green Metatron’s Cube Symbol (blank back)

💎 Also Available in Red, Blue, Purple & Black!

Material: Soft & Durable Organic Cotton, Canvas Fabric with Hemmed Edges.

Heavyweight Fabric for a Solid Working Surface.

Hand Cut, Please Allow for Slight Variations.

Comes in a Clear Recyclable Bag.

Care Instructions: Iron Safe, Low Heat. Hand Wash, Dry Flat.


----Crystals not included, for display only----


Metatron's Cube Uses:

• Protection, Purification, Healing, Wisdom, Esoteric Knowledge, Spirituality, Connecting to the Divine


Sacred Geometry:

• Named after the Archangel Metatron it’s associated with divine knowledge & wisdom

• It contains powerful symbols of protection & spirituality such as the Star of David, Circle, Merkaba, Cube as well as the Five Platonic Solids in its multidimensional form

• It is said to contain all geometric shapes & patterns that exist. The symbol has been used throughout history for meditation, architecture, spirituality, art & much more

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*Each Crystal is a one-of-a-kind Earth Creation and will have natural variations in color/clarity/shape.
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