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Merkaba Activation Crystal Grid Kit with 5 Platonic Solid Crystals, Mini Sphere & Clear Quartz Merkaba

Merkaba Activation Crystal Grid Kit with 5 Platonic Solid Crystals, Mini Sphere & Clear Quartz Merkaba

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A Metatron’s Cube Grid Cloth holds 5 Platonic Solid Crystals, a Crystal Sphere and Clear Quartz Merkaba, centered between 12 Lemurian Laser Points, to create this Merkaba Activation Grid. Combined with a 7-Chakra Double-Terminated Point for Chakra activation & alignment as well as a Crystal Protection Kit to form a peaceful, protective barrier.

Metatron's Cube is used to connect with a higher level of consciousness, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, to enhance personal empowerment. It contains 5 Platonic Solids representing the fundamental building blocks of life, a Sphere representing wholeness, and 'Mer-ka-ba' which represents 'light, spirit, body'. Merkaba Activation is used to create an etheric gateway for healing & exploring the psyche to manifest ones highest potential.


⭐️ 5 Platonic Solid Crystals, Sphere (with mini plastic stand) & Clear Quartz Merkaba

⭐️ 12 x 12 Inch Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid Cloth

     • Made of a Soft & Durable, Organic Cotton Canvas. Iron Safe. Washable, Dry Flat.

⭐️ 6 - 0.75-1” Mini Lemurian Lazer Quartz Points

⭐️ 6 - 0.5-0.75” Mini Lemurian Lazer Quartz Points

⭐️ Large 2.35” Rainbow 7-Chakra Double-Terminated Activation Wand

⭐️ 2.5” Selenite Stick for Cleansing

⭐️ 1-1.5" Black Tourmaline for Protection

⭐️ Information Cards:

     1) Platonic Solids Representations

     2) How to Create Your Grid (see below)

⭐️ Display Box, Organza Bag & Velvet Pouch for Storage

5 Platonic Solid Crystals, Sphere & Merkaba:

     ❤️ Red Crystal Cube or Hexahedron: 6 Square Faces - Represents the Earth Element, Grounding, Receptiveness, Sensuality
     🧡 Orange Crystal Dodecahedron: 12 Pentagonal Faces - Represents the Ether or Universe Element, Life Force, Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness
     💛 Yellow Crystal Tetrahedron: 4 Triangular Faces - Represents the Fire Element, Creation, Inspiration, Sexuality
     💚 Green Crystal Octahedron: 8 Triangular Faces - Represents the Air Element, Breath, Communication, Nourishment
     💙 Blue Crystal Sphere: 0 Flat Sides - Represents Unity, Completeness, Wisdom of Creation
     💜 Purple Crystal Icosahedron: 20 Triangular Faces - Represents the Water Element, Flow, Emotions, Boundaries
     🤍 Clear Quartz Merkaba: 8-Pointed Star, 2 Tetrahedrons - Mer-ka-ba Represents Light-Spirit-Body

💎 Genuine Cut Crystal Gemstones. Approximately 18-20mm (0.75 Inch) Size. All sets include a Clear Quartz Merkaba, other crystal types may vary.


🤲🏻 Each Crystal & Grid Kit is intentionally selected, cleansed and charged making it ready for your intentions and use! (Photos display an example of the Crystals you will receive.)


*Creating a Crystal Grid Information Card:
★ Cleanse the Old Energy: Set the Crystals on or near your Selenite Wand until they feel Cleansed
★ Charge with New Energy: Set the Crystals in the Sun or Moonlight for at least an hour
★ Set Your Intention: Determine your intention. Hold the Crystals & visualize or repeat your intention
★ Create Your Grid: Use your Clear Quartz Point to trace the shapes as you place your Crystals
This is just one method… Explore other ways of cleansing, charging and setting your intention!
(Back) Grid Example Diagram


💖 Make your own Grid Designs & share them on Instagram to @GVCrystalShop

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