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Crystal Protection Grid: Large Top-Polished Black Tourmaline Tower, 5.5" Selenite Octagon Plate, Natural Amethyst Points & Hematite Tumbles

Crystal Protection Grid: Large Top-Polished Black Tourmaline Tower, 5.5" Selenite Octagon Plate, Natural Amethyst Points & Hematite Tumbles

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Crystal Protection Grid Includes:

(Photos display an example of the Crystals you will receive.)

⭐️ Top-Polished Black Tourmaline Tower
          • Size Range: 2.5-4” Tall by 1.25-2” Wide

✨ These are LARGE Top-Polished Towers... Each weighs at least 1/2 Pound!
💎 Each Tower is unique in size & shape and will include Black Tourmaline’s signature line striations!

⭐️ Polished, Octagon Selenite Plate
          • Average Size: 5.5x0.75”
          • Weight: 18-20oz
✨ Weighs OVER 1 Pound! *Exact Size & Weight Varies*

⭐️ (4) 1.25-1.75” Natural Amethyst Points


***Photos display an example of the Crystals you will receive.***

💎 Cleanse & Protect any Space with this Unique Crystal Protection Grid!

★ Simply choose where you would like to display it and the space you would like to remain consistently cleansed
★ Then place the Crystals on the Grid, with your cleansing intentions, and feel the calm of your Energetically Cleansed & Protected Environment
★  Interact with the Grid occasionally to revitalize your cleansing intentions & recharge it with Earth Energy... but it does self-cleanse & charge as the Grid is contained on a Selenite Pad

🖤 Black Tourmaline: Forms a Protective Barrier by Cleansing & Purifying the Atmosphere and Absorbing & Grounding Negative Energy
🤍 Selenite: The Cleansing Crystal - Cleanse Other Crystals, the Aura, Chakras & Environment. Protects Against Negative Energy & Cleanses Blocked Energy
💜 Amethyst: Provides Spiritual Connection & Protection and Reduces Negative Energy
🖤 Hematite: Grounding & Protective while Reducing Negative Energy

✨ Excellent Gift for any Crystal Lover! Setup at home to provide a calm, cleansed & protected home environment or display it in a workspace, especially those with regular clients/visitors or simply a challenging environment. This Crystal Protection Grid can be placed just about anywhere indoors to provide a beautifully cleansed & protected environment.

🤲🏻 Each Crystal & Grid is intentionally prepared, cleansed and charged making it ready for your intentions and use!

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*Each Crystal is a one-of-a-kind Earth Creation and will have natural variations in color/clarity/shape.
**The details provided are for informational purposes only in order to assist with therapeutic balance of mind, body & spirit. Not recommended for medical use or to replace the advice of a medical professional. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Individual experience may vary, results not guaranteed.

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